Saturday, January 29, 2005


still here but not here for much longer

Apologies for not updating over the past few months.

After the election I pretty much kept working and occasionally going out with friends. You know the usual.

Just after new years I decided that I needed to do something this year. In 2004 it seemed like all I did was work and not very productive work at that. A couple of people talked about study and I began looking up Masters programs. Within a week I'd found one at the University of Sydney and found out that despite a closing date of November I could still apply. And apply I did.

Last week I got my confirmation letter and in a few days I'll be driving to Sydney. I'm anxious about the move but excited as well. When I get there I'll have about a month to get an apartment and a job before classes start. Luckily, I've a few friends there so that's both a ready made social group and a place to stay when I first get there.

At any rate there'll undoubtedbly be a whole new range of things for me to be confused and bewiledered about in the coming years.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Another election over with.

I know I'm not American, hell I'm not even Canadian, and I know I have somewhat conservative leanings here but if I see any more coverage of the US election I think I'm going to be sick. I don't mean to overeact but as I watch more about it I get very queasy. Really that's all that can be said about it. Perhaps, all of this is just a reaction to the dodgy lunch I ate the other day.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Fitness failures

I think I realized why I'm not doing any running at the moment. I'm currently trying to get a new job so when I get home I look for new jobs on the web and then apply for existing and new ones. Then with eating dinner and getting ready for the next day I've no time left for anything else. I hadn't realized just how draining it was and time-consuming as well. Which is suprising considering how many weeks I've been doing this and hoping to do other things as well. Strangely, I just never sat down and thought about where my time was disappearing to and now that I've done it, it is a little depressing.

I know I shouldn't put the rest of my life on hold in order to get a job but in order to go overseas next year a new job is a necessity, so for better or worse, everything else will just have to wait until full-time employment.

Not to make too big a deal of it but I have got a second round interview this week, it was supposed to be Wednesday but uncontrollable factors at work mean I can't get the day off. Now it'll be Thursday. I was planning on calling in sick but the co-worker I like said that as a part time employee on a temp contract that my boss will understand. Considering the last person in this position did the same thing I think I'm pretty safe in asking. Even if he says no I'll still go as it is a second round interview for a job that is considerably better at least in terms of pay/hours.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


And they're off...about six months late

So The Amazing Race has returned to our shores. Unlike Survivor or The Apprentice which 9 airs pretty close to the US dates, 7 still has some warped idea that airing a reality show months after it has been run and won will ensure big ratings. Even with their new advertising campaign pushing the premier. Maybe next year they'll do it properly. But kudos for getting a little closer to the mark.

Thursday, October 14, 2004



CNN has this article about a comic of the Rape of Nanjing. Before reading it my first thought was that someone was gloryfing the attrocities. The article didn't say what had happened in the comic other than the rape was mentioned or a plot in some way. Hopefully it wasn't done in a positive way. I know this is my idealism, naivety or innocence (some may stupidity) and I know it's cliche and trite but I wish people (I suppose this largely means the Japanese Government) would just get over it and accept their responsibilities so everyone can move on.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Wrap up

So I promise that this will be the last election piece for a while. Until the Senate results are finalised.

For some reason I feel like I need to not only justify but to defend my voting choices. I do realize that they're similar concepts. I believe people should be able to justify their choices and just shouldn't vote because thet's what their seat is, class or family voting history. I suppose it's because I have some great passionate friends who aren't pro-Coalition policies. And I kind of feel like I'm betraying them. Weird, huh?

In part Bob Hawke said something on Sunday today about Latham having a bit of the larikin in him and it not reaching across to enough people. I tend to agree, and as I said before it's that blokiness that puts me off. It's the same with that story about Hawke and the yard glass.

I guess I just have to acknowledge and accept that I'm caught between my conservatism and my idealism and liberalism. I don't think there aren't parties that match that personal cross-section and certainly none that could topple our incumbent. Apparently, it would require a 7% swing against the government.

And on that note, I am aware that my vote isn't that important but I still prefer to figure out my choice.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


Well that was suprising

Who would have thought the Coalition would have come back with more seats? And what about the poor Democrats getting thumped?

Obviously, the House of Reps is the most important and determines the government but I wish they'd show a graph of the upcoming Senate. Even though it won't be known for a day or so with all their (pollsters) stats you'd think they could give us an idea.

Latham's speech was ok and Howard's was similarly ok. Don't want to discuss it. I don't really think Howard is a great orator and the Liberal cheers just went on and on. Happy bunch.


Election Day

I did my civic duty today and voted in the election. There were 8 candidates in the House of Reps and a sizeable 50 for the Senate. I chose not to put just 1 above the line and went through the preferences for all 50. I've never done all the preferences and it didn't take as long as I thought it would. Once you put the Fishing Party, One Nation and Family First at the bottom the others fit in nicely.

Strangely, even on entering the voting area I did not see a sign for the Labor candidate for my electorate. There was a sign for the labor candidate in the other seat also voting at that location but nothing for ours. Surely if you were going to make an effort today would be the day?

Personally, I love Election Day. For one I actually feel, that in my little way I did something today instead of just stuffing around. Also, what with compulsory voting, everyone is out. The day is active and for once it feels that this suburb is not so dull.

I'm keeping track of the election on The Electoral Commission website.It's kind of interesting that at the beginning of the night the swings are geting progressively smaller. And that the commentators are already callng seats with only a fraction of the vote.

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